"How do I find a call girl near me?"

"How do I find a call girl near me?"

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
How do I find a call girl near me? I’m in the United States.

So, you’d like to see an escort, but you’re not sure where to start. You haven’t said where you’re located exactly, which is understandable as this kind of question can feel very vulnerable! Regardless, whether you’re located in a small town or a large city in the USA, some general rules probably apply.

Please note: although I can share some general advice about this, I’m located in Australia, where laws and customs may vary compared to the USA. Please make sure you’re informed on the legalities of escorting in your area, and use your common sense when searching for and contacting a sex worker.

Let’s talk about the best places to find great sex workers. But first, I’ll cover some of the basics.

What is an escort?

It sounds as though you’re looking for an escort - a sex worker who can meet you in person and offer companionship and/or sexual services.

Before we talk about what that means exactly, I need to caution you to avoid the term ‘call girl’. It’s an outdated term used to refer to an escort or full-service provider. It’s not very accurate - because escorts can be any gender. It’s also misleading, suggesting that a provider might be young or vulnerable - when, in truth, escorts are adults who choose to do this work.

Here at the Satisfaction Project, we avoid using certain words when talking about the sex industry. You might see questions on other sites such as, ‘How do I find a call girl in my area?’ But often, these commonly-used terms are also a bit sex-negative or shamey. So, instead of saying ‘prostitute’, ‘hooker’, or ‘call girl’, we say ‘full-service sex worker’ or ‘provider’.

In this article when I say ‘escort’, ‘companion’, or ‘provider’, I’m referring to full-service sex workers: professionals who can meet you at your home, hotel, or their own place of work and who offer a range of companionate and/or sexy services.

Do escorts offer sexual services?

Escorts often - but not always - include sexual intercourse as part of their service offering. Sure, it can just be about companionship, and many clients do enjoy having dinner together or sharing cuddles on the couch. But many providers do also offer sexual services, even if they’re not able to discuss the sexy stuff beforehand for legal reasons.

It’s important to know that, even if a provider does specify that they offer sex as a service, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to have sex during your date with them! Every experience is different. Whether sexy stuff happens will depend on your behaviour, your body, your hygiene, and your provider’s boundaries. It’s something you’ll need to negotiate together once you meet.

What’s the difference between an escort and a 'prostitute'?

Sigh. Many people ask me this, so much so that I wrote a whole article about it. I won’t repeat myself here, but the long and the short of it is that ‘prostitute’ is a shamey word that encourages whorephobia. You really can’t use ‘escort versus prostitute’ as a way to define what any particular sex worker offers. Instead, you’ll need to read their ad carefully, be honest about what you want, and have a discussion with them about their boundaries once they indicate it’s safe to talk about sex.

As with the previous question, this isn’t something I can answer. The specific laws around escorting vary widely in the USA and you’ll need to do your own research to make sure you understand your local laws.

If you’re in a location where hands-on sex work is criminalised, it’s really important to avoid any mention of sexual activities when you contact a provider. Doing so will probably make them feel unsafe, and it’s likely they’ll refuse to meet you in person.

How to find escorts near you

If you’ve come here with the specific question in mind of, ‘Where in the USA can I find female escorts?’ then I have some good news for you! Great providers can be found all across the USA, if you know how to find them. Thanks to the Internet, there are a huge range of online advertising sites and social media platforms where you can research and connect with potential companions in your town or city.

Escort advertising sites are a good place to begin your search. these are websites where many different providers post advertisements, often with links to their email and phone contact details, or their own websites.

The escort advertising sites that work best for finding reputable sex professionals will depend on your location. Some ad sites are more useful in specific states or cities, and it’s hard to know which except by trial and error! So, for example, if you’re looking for escorts in Los Angeles, you might perform a quick Google search.

As a rule of thumb, the escort ad site Tryst.link is a good place to start regardless of where you are in the world. Note: I do write for them, so I’m a little biased! But the site is founded by and run by sex workers, and it has a great range of providers. (And for Aussie readers, please check out this article for some more great recommendations.) If you’d like some specific tips for figuring out whether an ad site is trustworthy, you may wish to watch our member-only video ‘How to find escorts’.

How to avoid being scammed by bad websites

A lot of clients - especially folks just starting out seeing escorts, like yourself - are worried about being scammed. I don’t blame you - I imagine you’ve spent your whole life being told that the sex industry is shady, right?

The truth is, this industry is like any other. You’re going to meet a range of different workers with various standards of professionalism. By doing your research and avoiding sites that look disreputable, you can minimise the risk of ending up in a tricky situation.

How to search for the right escort

Imagine you’ve found a great escort advertising site. How can you find the person who is best for you, among the hundreds (or even thousands) of options that might be available?

Don’t crush on the first provider you see! You might be thinking, ‘I just want to find the nearest call girl near me and grab her number as quickly as possible.’ Well, first, it’s ‘escort’, remember? And to find someone who can give you a great experience, you’re going to need to slow down a little.

I think it’s more than just looking for someone whose photos turn you on. You need to make sure their prices and services are right for you, and that their personality is a good match too. I’ve created a video lesson on search tactics as part of my member-only online course for beginner clients. If you’re serious about finding a good professional, I recommend you check it out.

Commonly-asked questions

Now you have the basics! I hope I’ve done a good job of answering your question thoroughly. you may want to stop here and begin your search right away…but if you’re curious, here are a few more ‘beginner questions’ you might like answered before you go ahead with seeing a sex worker.

“Do escorts accept cash payment?”

Generally, cash is the preferred form of payment. Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare for escorts to accept credit cards. Some might allow payment (or part-payment) via bank deposit or cash app. You can enquire about this when arranging a booking. And don’t forget to brush up on payment etiquette before you meet.

“Do I have to share my personal details?”

Often, when you contact a sex worker to arrange a booking, you’ll be asked to share some of your details, such as your mobile phone number, passport, ID, or place of work, as part of the screening process. This is not negotiable - it’s an important way sex workers keep themselves safe. If you’re not comfortable with a provider’s request for personal info, you won’t be able to see that person.

If you’re in a place where sex work is criminalised, such as the USA, screening becomes even more important as a way to prove you’re a legitimate client. You don’t have to share any details you’re not comfortable with…but it could severely limit the number of providers who are willing to see you.

“Do they come to me, or can I visit them?”

Figuring out where to meet your provider is an important part of the planning process. You may ask them to visit you at your home or hotel (this is called an ‘outcall’) Or you might be able to visit them at their place of work (an ‘incall’).

Not all companions offer all options. Often, you’ll be able to figure out what’s possible by reading their ad or website. Or you might need to ask when inquiring about a booking. Find out more about the options here.

“What's the experience like?”

If you’re new to seeing sex workers, you may be very curious about what a session is actually like, and what happens. The truth is, every session will be different simply because we all have different ways of working, and clients have a range of needs! From a nice dinner and walk in the park to a steamy session with ships and restraints, there are so many options depending on the person you choose to spend time with. the best way to ensure a good experience is to follow your provider's lead.