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Sex work clients can benefit from this amazing list of sex-positive resources.

We work with, consult with, and refer clients to a range of amazing industry businesses and organizations. Here's a list of experts, resources, and retailers you might like to visit.

Kink and adult stores

If you're a Melbourne local, head to Eagle Leather for all your kink, fetish, and BDSM equipment needs.

Check out Australian adult retailer Nikki Darling's incredible range of non-gendered sex toys

Sex and relationship therapy

Connectable Therapies is a Melbourne-based occupational therapy consulting service focusing on sexuality, intimacy, arousal, communication and partner dynamics | Listen to our podcast episode on disability and sex work with sexuality occupational therapist Tess Devèze

Episode 6 | Sex work and disability, with Melinah Viking and Tess Devèze
Thanks to shame, stereotypes and sex-negativity, sex and disability can be atricky topic. This means that clients are sometimes afraid to ask, and workerssometimes worry they’re going to screw things up. Luckily, adult star Melinahand sex educator Tess Deveze are really good at talking about this

Sex therapist Alice Child runs the Vulva Dialogues, a forum aimed at empowering women to talk more openly about sex.

SHIPS (Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Services) is a therapy practice in Melbourne, Australia | Listen to our podcast episode with SHIPS founder, Dr Sarah Ashton

Dr Linda Kirkman PhD is a sexologist, sex therapist, counsellor, sex educator and researcher in Victoria, Australia

Episode 15 | Sex work or therapy? With Dr Sarah Ashton from SHIPS
Sex workers can be amazing way to grow your confidence and learn more about intimacy, but they’re not the only option. Dr Sarah Ashton from SHIPS explains why (and when) you might want to see a therapist first.

Escort advertising sites

We partner with and recommend Tryst, an ethical, worker-run escort advertising site with a wide range of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth escorts, and huge listings worldwide too! | Read Georgie Wolf's blogs on Tryst

Georgie Wolf - Tryst Blog
Georgie is a Melbourne escort, writer, and educator from Melbourne, Australia. Her work has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian Australia, and by Archer Magazine.