Shame and stigma mean that many people who spend time with escorts and other independent sex workers have unsatisfying experiences. The Satisfaction Project demystifies hands-on sex work, empowering clients to get their needs met and making life better for service providers.

The project was founded by Georgie Wolf, an escort from Melbourne, Australia.

Through this site, we share sex-positive and shame-free advice, teaching communication, consent and safer sex skills that allow clients to make the most of their encounters with hands-on sex professionals, while treating them with kindness and respect.

‌Georgie: "My years in the sex industry have shown me that the best experiences happen when everyone feels confident, shame-free, and knowledgeable about the process of seeing escorts. I share what I've learned so that you can enjoy your encounters to the full."
A client and his female escort.
Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy sex, companionship, and intimacy.

A few quick definitions...

Sex worker: Someone who works for themselves, offering sexual (or sexy) services in exchange for payment. The term sex work covers many kinds of jobs: porn performance, peep show performance, street-based sex work, escorting, brothel work, erotic name a few!

Independent sex worker: An independent sex worker runs their own business, chooses their clients, and sets their own prices. Although some independent workers (such as BDSM professionals, erotic masseuses, and escorts) offer hands-on services to their clients, many more (such as cam performers, strippers and phone sex workers) do stuff that's sexy or sexual in nature, but that doesn't involve physically touching the customer.

Independent escort: A hands-on, independent sex worker who usually (but not always) offers sexual intercourse as part of their services. When we say 'escort' on this site, we're referring to independent escorts.

Georgie: "We live in a sex-negative world, where some people think badly of sex workers (and their clients). But I believe that paying to spend time with a professional - whether you're getting intimate or simply enjoying their company - is an a perfectly acceptable way to get your needs met."
Close up: an escort client holds out American dollar bills.
Seeing sex workers can be expensive...but there's someone for every budget.

Why focus on escorts and other independent, hands-on sex workers?

When we say 'escort' on this site, we're referring specifically to independent escorts.

All types of sex work are valid...and different types of workers suit different clients. But for people who require hands-on sexual services, we believe escorts and other types of independent sex professionals are a great choice.

When you spend time with an escort (or any other kind of freelance sex professional, such as a kink expert or erotic masseuse), you can have a negotiated experience that's tailored to your specific needs. It might include companionship, support, learning, or pleasure.

When the exchange is well-boundaried and respectful, it's often a safer way to have a sexual experience than simply going on a date with a stranger. And because each worker offers different services, it's easier to find someone who suits your requirements.

Here's what you'll find on our site:

Melbourne escort Georgie Wolf poses in bed for a photo with her book.
Georgie Wolf: Independent escort, writer, and sex educator.

About Georgie Wolf

Georgie is an independent escort based in Melbourne, Australia.

With more than a decade of experience in the sex industry, her past roles include brothel work, erotic massage, fetish performance and porn photography.

She’s published a book on ethical sex, writes blogs for leading escort website Tryst, and coaches escort clients. She also works with Curious Creatures, Australia’s largest provider of sexuality workshops.


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