Bananas on a white tabletop: a metaphor for erectile dysfunction with sex workers.
Erection problems are common...and your escort may not be able to help.

"Can a sex worker give me medication for erectile dysfunction?"

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
Would a escort have any blue pills to help ED, or have any tips? The escort I want to see she said she doesn't talk about things like that.

Let's get this straight first, although you haven't specifically asked: there's absolutely nothing shameful about erectile dysfunction...and a good escort won't judge you for it.

Tons of clients struggle with getting a hard-on, for all sorts of perfectly understandable reasons - illness, age, or simply anxiety. If you worry about being able to stay hard during your session, you're definitely not the only one.

But - depending on where you are the the world - it's probably not legal for anyone (escorts included) to provide you with prescription drugs, and it could have some serious consequences if the authorities found out, or if you suffer side effects.

“How do I find a drug-friendly sex worker?”
If you’re looking to have a drug-enhanced sexual adventure, are escorts a good choice? Let’s talk about why asking a sex worker to take drugs with you is more than a little problematic.

Your message reminds me of another recent query from someone who wanted to take recreational drugs with his escort. Sex workers aren't going to be more tolerant of drugs any other regular businessperson. Assuming that sex work and drugs go together can come across as judgemental, and give your potential playmate a bad impression. Even asking about illegal activity might put your escort on edge, as they may be worried you're trying to entrap them. I imagine this might be why your worker says she 'doesn't talk about things like that.'

Generally speaking, an experienced professional will be very comfortable with erection problems - it's something we encounter often! We're usually happy to chat about alternative activities once we're getting intimate with you.

But if you want to medicate for this issue, you're going to have to see your doctor.

PS: Did you know that a hard-on isn't necessary for good sex? There are tons of other ways to enjoy your time with a sex pro, and plenty of sexy and pleasurable activities you can try. While intercourse is part of the picture, it's not essential. Here's a great course that shows how to enjoy sexy play thoroughly, even if you struggle with erections.

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