“What kinds of sex toys do women really want?”

“What kinds of sex toys do women really want?”

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
"I want to buy some adult toys for my escort, can you tell me what sort of sex toys women are really into?"

When we like someone, we sometimes want to spoil them.

And when we think someone is sexy, the idea of giving them gifts of sex toys might seem appealing. But how to decide on a toy to purchase? And are adult toys appropriate gifts for your escort? Here are a few thoughts.

Everyone’s different.

The phrase ‘what women want’ doesn’t really apply here. We all have different bits and like different toys: some women love vibrators, while others find them too strong. Some women are into insertable toys such as dildos, and other don’t get off on that as much. Don’t even get me started on favourite colours, shapes, brands, and functions (two buttons or ten? Waterproof or wall socket?) when it comes to finding the right toy, it’s much more about the individual than about buying the latest or most expensive item.

If your escort talks about their preferences on Twitter or in their blogs, you may have some clues as to which items are right for her collection. But don’t be afraid to ask. It’s better to check in first than to spend a lot of money on something that isn’t right. Asking, “I just saw this amazing new vibrator, would you be interested in owning one?” is much safer than spending a hundred bucks and hoping for the best.

Is it a gift? Or is it a service request?

Are you giving a gift? Or are you selecting something you want to use with your escort during a booking?

Many workers have extensive toy collections, and we’re delighted when someone helps us add to it. If you genuinely want to give us something we will use and love, check in first to find out what we really want. A gift is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be given without expectations – make it clear you don’t expect us to use it with you. And always include the receipt so that the toy can be exchanged if it’s faulty.

On the other hand, if you’re selecting toys to use with your escort during a booking, this isn’t a gift – it’s a service. Toy shows and toy play aren’t offered by all escorts, so you need to ask first and check whether any extra charges are involved. Once you’ve both agreed on a specific item (and what you’re going to do with it), the escort may wish to purchase the toy themselves.

If you do make the purchase, resist the urge to unbox it before the day of your session! All toys to be shared should arrive at the booking sealed in original packaging, so that we know you haven’t used them with someone else.

So many options – how to decide?

There are many categories of sex toys. Here are some of the most common:

  • Insertables – includes anything that goes into anyone else, such a dildo. Insertables can be fun for asking your lover to put on a show, or for giving your bits a break when you need to rest mid-shag. Dildos come in lots of shapes, sizes and materials, and it’s important to check what works for your partner. Not everyone wants a monster rubber dick – sometimes a 4″ curved g-spot toy is perfect too.
  • Couples’ toys – there are a lot of items – some more complicated than others – that are designed to be used as a couple; they fit in or around you while you’re actually having sex with someone else. These items can be expensive, and they’re not going to be fun unless you use them with someone enthusiastic as you, and with whom you feel comfortable. Reading the instructions is mandatory for this type of toy, to make sure you’re doing it right.
  • Vibrators – this term includes anything that vibrates, no matter the shape or whether it runs on batteries or a wall socket. I prefer massage wand vibrators – they’re a fun and easy way for many folks to get off. I take one on all my couples bookings, to ensure everyone is satisfied. My favourites: the Body Wand (compact but strong), and the Doxy Wand (huge vibrations for those who like a lot of stimulation!) If you want to gift something discreet, a stylish lipstick vibe such as the WeVibe Tango can be a good choice.
  • Suction devices – these are the latest in sex toy technology! suction devices for vulvas – such as the Satisfyer and Womaniser – are VERY popular, and they are both fun and stylish. But you still need to check with your worker first, as they don’t feel pleasurable for everyone.

You get what you pay for

The days of dingy sex shops in back alleys is over.

In this modern age, there are some very reputable adult brands available from well-stocked and professional stores – Doxy, Lelo, Fun Factory, to name just a few. I ALWAYS recommend spending a little extra to get something top-of-the-line. As with all electronic devices, a quality item will last a lot longer (and in some cases is much safer and more enjoyable) and a cheap version of the same toy.

There’s no need to buy something gold-plated or diamond-studded. But sticking with a premium brand can help ensure you end up with a quality toy that won’t break down during an epic sex session. There’s nothing more frustrating than a motor burning out or a toy losing its power right before you’re about to cum!

Ask the experts…and ask your escort.

If you’re new to adult toys, they might seem awkward or confusing. The best way to get comfortable is to ask the experts – your friendly local sex shop salesperson, or your friendly local escort. Having all the buttons and functions explained can be really useful. If all else fails, make sure you at least read the instructions.

Toys can be hot, interesting, adventurous, and wonderful way to spoil your escort. But as with all new things, educate yourself first and make sure you know exactly what your playmate likes. Then you’ll be able to select a gift your escort will love…or organise a toy session that you’ll both enjoy.