“Where do escorts prefer you to come?”

“Where do escorts prefer you to come?”

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
“Where do escorts want/prefer you to cum?”

Ah, the cumshot! It’s the climax (literally) or nearly every standard porn scene. And in porn, it’s very common for a guy to come on his partner’s face or body, or in their mouth. This isn’t an accident – it doesn't look quite so dramatic on camera when it happens during regular intercourse!

I suspect porn is responsible for a lot of dudes asking me, “Where do you want me to cum?” Thanks to porn, COB and COF (that’s ‘cum on face’ and ‘cum on body’, if you’re not familiar with punter lingo) is often seen as hotter than just coming in the condom, as you’d often do during regular sex.

Everyone has different preferences. Not everyone loves a cumshot. And this is where your question gets a little wobbly, because when you say ‘what do escorts prefer?’ it’s actually quite hard to answer.

Escorts are just people like anyone else, and we all have our own kinks. Some of us might love a client blowing their load on our faces or bodies, but you definitely can’t assume.


Often, when someone asks me that question during sex, I suspect it’s not because they’re actually interested in my opinion. Rather, they’re asking for permission. They want me to say something sexy like, “Come on my face, baby, it turns me on!” And then they can go ahead and do the thing that they enjoy, while also feeling secure in knowing that I’m enthusiastic.

But if facials are your thing, I’d rather you were a little more up-front. Saying, “Hey, I’d really love to come on your boobs/face/butt at some point, would you be down for that?” is a mature way to ask for what you want. It also means we don’t feel pressured, because we know what to expect well ahead of the finale.

“How worried should I be about herpes?”
Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a very common skin infection that can be passed on during sex. Here’s what you need to know for your peace of mind.

Many escorts have specific rules about where you can come, for safety reasons. Ejaculating into someone’s eye by mistake (yes, it happens) can be an STI risk. And if your escort offers blow jobs without a condom, it’s a really bad idea to come in their mouth without checking that it’s okay first. Getting jizz in your mouth is a more significant safer sex risk than simply giving a blow job without a condom, and it can be upsetting and violating if it hasn't been negotiated beforehand. If you’re getting into this stuff, have the discussion first so that you know your escort’s limits.

At the end of the day, I personally prefer the tidy option – cum in the condom, so that we can whip it off and get back to cuddling without having to embark on a huge clean-up operation. It’s safer, easier to take care of afterwards and means the minimum interruption to our time together.

But I don’t speak for everyone, and it’s okay to ask. Just remember to have the conversation before you have sex, so nobody is surprised.