“Should I take my escort’s compliments seriously?”

“Should I take my escort’s compliments seriously?”

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
"How seriously should I take compliments given to me by an escort? I don’t want to get a big head, but I don’t want to dismiss the compliment either."

Getting - and giving - compliments can be a fun part of an escort date.

We all love feeling appreciated. But you might wonder how much of that stuff is sincere, and how much is part of the service. And the answer is...well, complicated. There’s no one answer. Escorts are people like anyone else, and the compliments we pay you might be more or less genuine, depending on the situation and how well you've both connected.

It’s our job to make you feel good. So, for example, I always try to find the things I like about a client and tell them, so that they feel good about themselves. This is part of the experience you're paying for, and if you didn’t lie back and enjoy it then you’d be letting yourself down!

It doesn’t mean I’m lying, though. I don’t enjoy flattery – it feels fake and uncomfortable. Although I can't speak for everyone, insincere compliments aren't  something I can do convincingly.

If you and your escort aren’t getting on as well as you want, or there’s some awkwardness, then you might feel a compliment isn’t meant honestly. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is trying to trick you – often it actually means we care about making you happy, but are feeling a bit awkward and haven’t found the right words yet.

In this situation, the worst thing you can do is start questioning an escort about their sincerity. Saying  'did you really mean that?' is futile, because, well, if they didn't mean it they're not going to tell you, are they? And if they did mean it, your questions are going to make your escort feel as if you don't trust them.

My advice around compliments is the same for escorts as for anyone. The best response is to be gracious. If you think the compliment is realistic, allow yourself to feel good about it...and if you suspect it's not, don't take it to heart. At the end of the day, your opinion of yourself is more important.

Regardless, it’s good manners to say ‘thanks,’ and simply move on.