Our seven guiding principles: What the Satisfaction Project stands for, and why it matters.

Our seven guiding principles: What the Satisfaction Project stands for, and why it matters.

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

There's a lot of bad advice about sex work out there.

Abolitionists, SWERFs,  politicians and journalists all have their own opinions, and often what they have to say is really negative and unhelpful. Even when newspapers and magazines try to do a good job of explaining sex work, they often get it wrong. Unfortunately, because these outlets are big and well-funded, those are the pieces you're most likely to see when you type your concerns into a Google search box.

But there's good news too. The truth is, there's a lot of great information available, if you're determined enough (or lucky enough) to find it. From amazing worker-created podcasts to advice columns and blogs, escorts and other sex professionals worldwide are generously sharing their knowledge and experience so that you can approach workers with confidence.

Here at the Satisfaction Project, we hold ourselves to a high standard, so that you know you're getting accurate and useful information. Here are our guiding principles.

1. Sex work is real work

We understand that sex work is work, and that sex workers have the right to make their own decisions about how, when, and where they work.

We'll never shame or criticise a worker for how they choose to work. In this industry, you'll meet a variety of people who run their businesses in a variety of different ways. Just as you would when employing a contractor or calling a tradesman, it's your job to do your research and find the people who are best suited to you.

2.It's ok if you don't know everything.

There's no such thing as a stupid question.

Getting to know the sex industry can feel confronting. Clients worry they're going to do or say something wrong. Sometimes, a question that really needs to be asked never reaches us, because the visitor who needs an answer is too embarrassed to admit they don't know.

We don't think any client is a bad person for not knowing something...and we assume everyone here is doing their best.

3.Being ethical works.

We believe that ethical actions lead to great results during a sex work session.

Sometimes, clients are reluctant to do the 'hard stuff' such as communicating clearly with their date, asking for consent, and respecting their boundaries. This isn't stuff we're taught, and it may sometimes feel as though trying to 'do the right thing' will take all the fun out of your sexual encounter.

Here's a secret: although it might seem like a lot of effort, being honest and respectful leads to better sex. When you and your escort are on the same page, you're more likely to actually get what you want. And when you respect their needs and make sure they feel good, you deepen the trust and connection that make sex truly mind-blowing.

'Doing the right thing' isn't just about being a good person...it also leads to great sex, a more satisfying experience, and a higher likelihood you'll be invited back for a second round.

4.Keep it simple.

We believe in speaking plainly - with as few technical terms as possible.

This website is for the average client. It's not meant to be academic or specialist. We understand that using really technical words can sometimes be confusing and annoying for people who are new to the subject. We won't talk down to you and we don't expect you to know everything...that's why you're here!

Don't get me wrong, we definitely dive into some advanced topics. But we aim to break these down for you using straightforward language that's easy and fun to read.

5.No whorearchy, thanks!

'Whorearchy' basically means trying to suggest that some types of sex work are more acceptable than others...and it's not okay. Every kind of sex work is valid.

Although on this site we mostly talk about escorts and other independent, hands-on workers, we also believe that clients should feel free to choose whatever kind of service suits their needs. Because everyone's needs are different.

6.We don't speak for everyone.

Every sex worker's experience is different - we don't represent everyone.

Depending on where in the world you're located, sex work is subject to a huge range of different customs, laws, and history. And, of course, every worker is an individual who does business their own way.

This means that none of our advice is perfect. Rather, consider it a starting point; you also need to do your own research, ask first, use  common sense, and adjust your behaviour to suit the situation.

It's very possible that your companion's preferences might differ from our recommendations, and that's okay. Please always follow your sex worker's advice, first and foremost.

7.You're the ultimate expert in yourself.

Although here at the Satisfaction Project we try to offer useful information, we're not mind readers. We don't know your specific situation or needs. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide what works.

There are some non-negotiables that we feel are essential, such as treating your worker with respect and practicing good consent. Apart from that, most of what we have to offer is suggestion-only, designed to help you explore your options for having great dates.

We encourage clients to pick and choose what works for them. Our advice will suit some situations and not others - it's your job to try things out and decide for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to learn what we stand for! If you feel we've let you down at any point, we'd love to hear your feedback - please send us an email. Or, if you're feeling great and ready to learn more about sex work, why not send us a question?