An escort client's presents for his date: wine, flowers, and chocolates.
Ready for that next date? Hold off on the flowers and chocolates...for now.

“How soon should I see my sex worker again?”

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
"I’m very new to seeing escorts. I’ve only seen two in about a month-and-a-half period, and the second escort I saw wasn’t even a week ago. However, she was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to make the day special. At the end of the session she said I’m certainly welcome back and I would love to go back, but I’m wondering if it’s too soon to see the same escort. I want to see her again because I feel like we really clicked and she as super fun."

Firstly, congratulations! You’re winning in two magnificent ways.

Firstly, you had enough courage to seek out escorts, and go through with a session. Spending time with sex workers can feel pretty intimidating if you’re new to it…so even getting there in the first place is a fantastic achievement. Secondly, you’ve found someone you really like. Many clients spend months meeting escorts before they find someone they click with – so the fact that you’ve found someone that works for you is excellent.

As a new escort client, there’s often a lot of uncertainty about the ‘rules’. Questions like ‘How do I get things started?’ and ‘Is it okay to make small talk?’ might seem obvious to a more experienced punter. But there’s very little information about this stuff, and until you’re in the room with your worker and can ask them directly, it’s hard to know what they prefer.

‘How often should I see a particular escort?’ is a similar sort of question. You might feel like there are unspoken rules around how much you’re allowed to book, and what that means for your working relationship with your new playmate. Are they going to get bored with you? Will you start to develop feelings? Will they think you’re clingy? All these worries are understandable!

When it comes to this issue, there really aren’t any rules. I know some people who book an escort once a year as a special treat, and others who make it part of their weekly relaxation routine. There’s no right or wrong – it’s all about your needs and how your escort works.

Here are some considerations.

How often can you afford to book escort sessions?

Spending time with sex workers can be quite an expensive hobby. If it’s something you want to keep up in the long term, it’s sensible to not burn through all your savings at once. A good client knows how much disposable income they have available and plans accordingly.

Do you get attached easily?

If you’re getting sexy with someone on the regular, it’s easy for feelings of affection and attachment to develop. But your escort can’t be your girlfriend, and if you suspect your feelings might get out of hand then it’s best to limit your encounters (or see other escorts too, so you don’t become reliant on one worker.)

What’s your worker’s availability?

Not all escorts work every day – often, we have other commitments. Sometimes we take time off for family, school or travel. Your escort might be available on a weekly basis at short notice, or their calendar might fill up months in advance. It’s helpful to ask, so you know how often they’re available and how much notice they need.

Whatever your choices, if you get along with your escort and treat them respectfully, they’ll generally be happy to see you. The fact that your worker has invited you to book again is a really good sign – they wouldn’t say it if they didn’t mean it!

So trust your instincts, and get in touch with them whenever you feel the time is right.