"Is it okay to bring flowers or gifts to my session?"

"Is it okay to bring flowers or gifts to my session?"

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
If I bring flowers or a gift for an escort is that okay? I've noticed some ladies have wish lists on their web pages.

Personally, I don't think gift-giving is ever obligatory or necessary. But some clients enjoy it regardless.

Giving gifts can be a way to show your appreciation. Some clients love bringing flowers or gifts because it's reminiscent of a 'gentlemanly' kind of old-fashioned date - the ones where they open the car door for you on the way to the restaurant.  Others simply love the experience of being generous and spoiling their playmate.

Whatever the reason, giving gifts is perfectly acceptable, unless your escort has said otherwise.

You may be wondering whether to choose a classic (flowers, chocolates) or pick something more expensive. Many escorts have 'wish lists' on their websites, specifying the kinds of gifts they prefer. So what to choose? It really does just depend on your budget and preferences- there are no rules.

The one thing I do caution against is bringing expensive presents without checking your escort's preferences. Pricey shoes and dresses, for example, might not fit or might not be to their taste. So it's great that you're considering a wish list - it's a much safer way to choose a gift!  Regardless, it's also a good idea to keep the receipt and present it with the gift, just in case it needs to be exchanged for a different size or color.

There's no need to spend big. Flowers, wine or chocolates are fine too.

For bonus points, ask for their input...eg, "I'd love to bring you flowers, what are your favorites?" This will give them the chance to let you know of any problems - if they're allergic, for example.

A great gift is something your escort will genuinely enjoy - and to do that, it's best to abandon the element of surprise. Good communication will ensure everyone is happy with the final selection.