Some cnadles and a glass of water on a hotel room bedside table in an escort incall.
Choosing the right hotel for your escort date can make a huge difference...

“What's the best hotel to book in Melbourne to meet an escort?”

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf
From your experience and that of your colleagues, which are the most friendly hotels in CBD Melbourne for a daytime encounter? What are the measures you use to determine the best?

If you're booking an escort for an outcall, choosing a hotel is often a time-consuming job.

How much should you spend? Where should it be located? What does your escort expect? What if the hotel staff find out? If you're new to this, these questions, and more, could keep you up at night.

The bad news is, I can't recommend the perfect hotel, because it depends - on your budget, your needs, and your escort's preferences. But I do have some ideas on how to select the right venue.

Before we start, some definitions...

Is your escort session an incall or an outcall?

  • Incall: a booking where you visit the escort, either at their home or place of work, or their hotel room. If your booking is an incall, your escort will direct you where to meet them on the day - you don't need to arrange a hotel room.
  • Outcall:  a booking where the escort visits you. This can happen either at your home or at your hotel. Since many escorts only offer outcalls, and many don't visit private residences, booking a hotel room is often part of the process.

When you contact a worker to arrange a meeting, knowing the name of the hotel you're planning on staying at is essential. If you don't know where you'd like to meet, you may give the impression that you're not serious about showing up.

Here are a few things to consider before you decide.

General cleanliness and presentation

I've seen a lot of hotels in my time as an escort...and they're definitely not created equal. A room with plenty of natural light and pleasant view - such as the Pan Pacific, which overlooks Southbank -  makes for a pleasant session. A high-end suite - the Park Hyatt or QT - helps create a sexy, glamorous mood.

An old, dirty hotel room, on the other hand, simply isn't as fun. It's hard to relax when we're afraid to put our bare feet on the carpet!

Inviting an escort to your hotel room is like inviting a friend to your home - you want them to feel at ease there. If you can afford it, it's definitely worth looking for something clean and well-presented. Sticking to four or five-star establishments is the easiest way to make sure your room is in good condition.

If you're on a budget, an apartment hotel (such as Key West Suites) might be cheaper (although you'll need to check with your escort before booking, as not all workers visit serviced apartments).

Convenient location

A central location is useful, especially if you’re planning on other activities such as taking someone out to dinner (being stuck in a long cab ride takes precious time away from your session!)

Even if your date is strictly in-room only, choosing somewhere close to public transport and central in your town or city will make things easier for your escort. Some workers charge driving or travel fees if they need to visit you in the suburbs, so booking a room in the CBD often works out to be the simplest - and cheapest - option.

But it's not a hard-and-fast rule. If you have difficulties getting around or a disability that requires a special type of space, it's fine to book somewhere close to home that you know and trust. Just be aware that there might be a little extra cost for travel fees, if you're a long way from the CBD.

Discreet hotel entry and easy room access

Concerned about discretion? It’s useful to pick a hotel that doesn’t use key-cards to access the lift, so that your escort can come straight up to your room.

Unfortunately, most of the newer establishments use keycards. If in doubt, give them a call and ask. Often, they'll assume you're simply concerned about the safety of your valuables. If discretion doesn't worry you, it's fine to meet your worker downstairs or leave a keycard for them at reception for them to pick up when they arrive.

Some hotels (such as the Sofitel and the Langham in Melbourne) have lift entrances that don't face the lobby, which can be very useful if you're worried about the staff watching you come and go.

But here's an escort's tip: in Melbourne (and other states of Australia where escorting is allowed) you're very unlikely to run into trouble. Most hotel staff don't care what you're getting up to in your room, as long as you're quiet and respectful of the other guests.

Other amenities and services

A good escort client knows that 'fun' doesn't just mean 'sex'.  You may wish to enjoy dinner together, a couples' massage, or just a drink at the bar. Many hotels offer these services.

I'm particularly fond of Mr Hive at Crown Metropol - their cocktails are unforgettable.

Planning a lunchtime encounter? Consider a day use booking.

If you prefer a sneaky lunchtime encounter, arranging a place to meet becomes tricky.

Most traditional hotels have a check-in time of 2pm or 3pm and a check-out time of 10am or 11am the next day. This makes daytime or lunch dates tricky - often, you need to book two days of accommodation to make sure you have the room for the whole day!

Luckily, it's now possible to make daytime bookings via There's a range of hotels on offer, and room rates are often cheaper than for overnight.

Really stuck? Ask your escort for recommendations.

If you're still not sure, it’s useful to ask your escort if they have any recommendations when you contact them to arrange a booking.

Some escorts will only visit four or five-star hotels, and you'll need to know this before you book. Your escort may also suggest a location that's more discreet, or easier for them to get to. Regardless, it's always a good move to check in with your worker, and make them feel included in the planning process.

Whenever I'm asked, I always request Crown Towers. I love the view, the beds are super comfortable, and its location means that it's easy for my date and I to head down for a drink at Crown Casino, or a fine dining experience at Southbank.