A behind-the-scenes tour of our Premium Access membership

A behind-the-scenes tour of our Premium Access membership

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

Here's my personal introduction to the membership program.

It's a world first: an information resource created specifically for people who see sex workers, and a community of like-minded clients.

If you're wondering whether our membership is right for you, that's okay. People on the Internet offer sex advice all the time, right? Is what we have to offer any different? How can I genuinely help? And do I have your best interests at heart?

To answer these questions, I'd like to speak with you directly. I honestly believe the Satisfaction Project can make a huge difference to your encounters, and our members feel the same way too. So I've recorded this video to give you a tour of what membership is all about.

Introducing Georgie Wolf

If we haven't met before, hello and welcome! My name is Georgie - I'm an escort, writer and sex educator based in Melbourne, Australia. I have more than a decade of experience in the sex industry.

I'm also passionate about sex education. I've written a book on how to have ethical, casual hook ups, been published in the media, and I run workshops for Curious Creatures, Australia's largest provider of sexuality and self-development workshops.

Basically, I'm all about helping people from all walks of life have really good sex.

How it all started

When I started in the industry ten years ago, I was delighted by how useful my work could be. Many people think that and encounter with a sex worker is casual and shameful, but I discovered my clients were getting a lot of incredible benefits from our encounters - felling sexy, feeling appreciated, getting a confidence boost, and rediscovering their love for life.

But not all clients get those benefits! Shame and insecurity often get in the way and ruin the mood...and because there's so little information, many clients do or say things that make it hard for their worker to give them a good service.

I created the Satisfaction Project to share the tips and skills I've learned throughout my career - the stuff experienced clients know, that helps them have incredible dates and enjoyable sex. It's not rocket science, and once everyone knows, we're all going to start having top-notch sessions.

Basically, the Satisfaction Project shows you how to have 'peak experiences' with escorts and other independent, hands-on sex workers - those pleasurable encounters that make life worth living.

Who is this for?

This website is for anyone who spend time with escorts and other hands-on independent sex workers....or who is thinking about doing so.

We have members from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Europe and the UK. Although laws and customs vary from place to place, the basic principles don't. We share strategies that can help you have satisfying sessions.

"What's in the membership?"

Our membership program consists of your account/members area, video library, regular member updates, and the private Twitter feed. Here's a little info on each:

  • Account details/members area - once you're logged in, you can access our members area by clicking the 'account' button in the top menu. This is where you can update your details and subscriptions, and view all your member content in one place.
  • Video library - the videos are at the core of what we do here at the Satisfaction Project! Each video lesson covers a different topic or stage of your experience with a sex worker. You can watch everything from start to finish, or simply pick and choose the topics that interest you.
  • Member updates - Each month, our founder Georgie Wolf will post a video update specially for you. She'll let you know what's new at the Project and share her thoughts and experiences.
  • Member-only Twitter feed - We have a private Twitter feed that's only accessible to current members. It's a great place to ask an anonymous question, meet fellow sexual adventurers, and get the latest updates from Georgie.

Having second thoughts?

Of course, it's normal to have reservations. Clients often worry that the Satisfaction Project won't give them what they need. Here are a few of the questions we're often asked by potential members.

"I'm already experienced at seeing sex workers - do I need this stuff?"

Here at the Satisfaction Project, we love and appreciate experienced clients. It takes a lot of experimentation to figure out the sex industry, and getting this far is a big deal.

From listening to experienced sex work customers all over the world, we know that seeing a pro can still feel stressful and risky. We'd like to address this by taking you beyond the basics - giving you the advanced strategies that can help ensure a great experience every time.

When experienced clients join our membership, they often write to us saying things like, 'Wow, some of this was really obvious to me, but there was also a lot I hadn't thought of!'

"What if I'm not experienced enough? Will your information be too advanced?"

If you're new to seeing escorts and other hands-on, independent sex workers, you're welcome here.

It's true that much of what we offer is fairly advanced - you need to know the basics before you address the finer details. Luckily, we can get you up to speed with our video 'Getting started with escorts'. This introductory lesson covers everything you need to know about a session with a hands-on sex worker: how to find workers, how to book, and what an encounter is usually like.

Once you've covered this information, you'll be ready to tackle the more advanced videos. And when you do feel ready to see your first sex worker, you'll have a much better experience than someone who doesn't have the know-how.

"Can I trust you with my personal details?"

We understand that security and privacy are top priorities for people who see sex workers. The Satisfaction Project is based in Australia, where most forms of hands-on sex work are permitted by law (depending on the state). It means that we're able to talk about sex work confidently and openly.

Your personal account details (such as your name and email address) are kept secure, and will never be disclosed to a third party unless we're required to do so by law.

Your payment details are managed by a secure, reputable external provider. We don't have access to your credit card information. Membership charges will appear on your credit card statement under a discreet business name that doesn't mention the name of the website.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

"Do you expect me to follow all your advice? I don't want someone telling me what to do."

Nobody wants a lecture, right? The information we offer here is based on our experience and the experience of clients, and we understand that nothing is one-size fits all.

The only non-negotiable we have at the Satisfaction Project is that you treat your worker with kindness and respect. Apart from that, please feel free to pick and choose from the videos and articles we offer, and decide what works for you.

After all, you're the ultimate expert in yourself.

"You're not a client - how do you know what I need?"

I've worked as an escort for a decade or more. But does a sex worker truly understand what you're going through?

The answer is 'yes and no.' At the end of the day, every client has a unique situation, unique worries, and unique needs. But by talking with sex work clients all over the world, we've been able to learn what works. Many of our ideas and strategies are borrowed directly from the happy customers we've spoken to over the years.

Also...did you know that I've also been a client? I've been seeing sex workers since long before I became an escort. You can read about one of my experiences here.

Thanks for coming along with me on this tour! If you're ready for this - if you're determined to get the most out of your sessions with escorts and sex workers - hit the 'sign up' button below.