Georgie: "Why I started the Satisfaction Project"

Georgie: "Why I started the Satisfaction Project"

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

Welcome to the site! Whether you're new to the idea of sex work or you've been doing this stuff for years, you've come to the right place.

Here's a quick video where I explain why the Satisfaction Project is so important, when it comes to having amazing experiences with escorts and other independent, hands-on sex workers.

How it all started...

My name is Georgie, and I'm an independent escort from Melbourne, Australia.

When I started out in the sex industry, I had no idea what it was really like.
All my ideas came from movies and TV - and boy, were they wrong! I assumed it was going to be a short-term job where I'd meet lots of sleazy guys who wanted to take advantage of me.

But nothing was further from the truth. I discovered that people who see sex workers are just regular people. They treated me with a lot of respect. And instead of just orgasms, I also found myself involved in deep-and-meaningful chats, cuddles, and genuine intimacy.

Sex work is an amazing service that helps people have affirming experiences of connection, pleasure and intimacy - important human needs. I think independent, hands-on sex workers - escorts, erotic massage specialists, and kink professionals, for example -  are a great option for people who want specific kinds of company, touch, and sexual exploration.

Unfortunately, because a lot of clients don't know what's possible, they're not getting the most from their experiences. They're stuck thinking that seeing sex workers is just about getting off. They think it's normal to feel guilty or ashamed. They'd never dream of asking for what they really want, and simply count on getting off.

I created the Satisfaction Project to help people who see escorts and other independent, hands-on sex workers reach their full potential. I'm talking about the amazing services that escorts and other workers offer - the chance to have encounters that leave you feeling good about yourself, your body and your life. When you know what's possible, and you have the skills and strategies to get what we need, incredible things can happen.

What we offer

This website shares articles that show you what you need to know. We also have a podcast, where I speak with other industry pros about what they've learned. And of course, there's also our Premium Access membership, with advanced skills and knowledge that can take your sessions to the next level.

Whether you're a new explorer or an experienced customer, I hope you feel at home.