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Explaining the difference between FBSM, BDSM, full-service sex workers, and online adult content creators.
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Comparing escorts, FBSM, and kink workers, with Lola from Tryst

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

Camming, peep shows, fetish work, escorting, stripping, phone sex, brothels, OnlyFans...'sex work' is an umbrella term in more ways than one!

At its most basic, sex work means 'any exchange of sexual (or sexy) services for payment.'  Here at the Satisfaction Project, we believe that all kinds of sex work are equally valid. And although we often talk about escorts, we also know that some clients choose to see other types of providers, depending on their needs.

To help discover what kind of hands-on sexy worker is right for you, I'm speaking with with Lola Hunt, Aussie escort and one of the founders of Tryst.link, a successful sex worker owned-and-run advertising site with fans worldwide.

Here's Lola's thoughtful introduction to the four types of sex work you can find on the Tryst website: escorting, full body sensual massage (FBSM), kink/BDSM, and online services.

Disclaimer: These are our definitions only. They might vary from place to place. Even within one type of work, every provider will offer different services. So please never assume what someone does based on their 'label' - always ask first, if possible.

Escorts: the flexible companions

From social dates to sexual adventures, the term 'escort' often means different things to different people. But generally, it refers to a sex worker who spends one-on-one time with a client outside of an established premises - they might visit you at your home or hotel, for example, or invite you to visit them.

When it comes to specific services, what's on offer varies depending on the worker. "What you do as an escort can vary from client to client," Lola says. "In some bookings, you might have a more intimate kind of arrangement where you watch a TV show and chill, with maybe a little bit of fun on the couch. Or it could be you know, a long session where you're exploring each other's sexual desires as you wish. It can also include things like social dates, where you're just going to grab a coffee or going to a specific event."

Although many clients see escorts for sexy sessions, this kind of worker can also be fun to share an activity with. "I've even done cooking classes with clients, which was awesome," Lola says.

An escort might work independently, or through a brothel or agency. Lola says that only independent workers are allowed to post their profiles on Tryst. "We don't allow agencies to post on the platform, just because we want to make sure that everyone who is on Tryst has control of their account and their work. We allow brothel workers, but we do consider them to be independent because they're in control of their profile."

FBSM: structured intimacy and sensual touch

If you prioritise intimacy and sensuality, an erotic massage worker may be exactly the right kind of professional for you.

FBSM stands for 'full body sensual massage' - a sexy massage, essentially. A session could include traditional oil techniques, a bodyslide (where the worder massages you with their entire body, not just their hands) or even nuru (a Japanese erotic massage technique involving a slippery oil derived from seaweed). Some providers offer sexual release (such as a hand job), and others might offer full service (intercourse), although it's less common.

According to Lola, some FBSM workers are also licensed massage therapists. "Not everyone will have that accreditation, but it is something that's quite common within that field."

FBSM services are more suited to clients who want a structured interaction. "You're not necessarily cuddling up on the couch and having deep conversations about life, or whatever. It's similar to how you would go and get a massage at a massage parlour - quite one-directional."

If you don't enjoy social outings, or trying to figure out what to do next in the bedroom makes you nervous, an erotic massage can be a way to experience sexual touch without the small talk.

BDSM professionals: taking your fantasies to the next level

Let's talk about a different kind of specialist. If you're a little kinky, you might seek out a BDSM professional - someone who knows how to tie, tease, dominate, and bring elaborate fantasies to life.

"BDSM is an acronym that stands for bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism," Lola says. "It's a sub-section of sex - this is where you'll find dominatrices, pro dommes, fetish escorts, and people who deal in the kinky side of sex work."

Kink workers possess skills that you won't find elsewhere. They specialise in activities such as bondage, domination, and impact play (such as flogging or caning). These kinds of kinks can be scary or potentially harmful if they're not done with a trained professional.

It's important to note that many kink pros don't offer sexual intercourse as part of their services. Some specialise in ass play (on you) or offer hand relief, but, as always, it's essential to ask before you book.

It's not just about whips and ropes! BDSM workers are often the ideal choice for any kinf od sexal play that's out of the ordinary. Lola says, "I'm a full service provider, and if someone came to me with a really obscure sexual request, I wouldn't have the level of expertise to know how to deal with it. There's a consultation process that applies in BDSM more so than other services - you're trying to get a very specific experience, and sometimes the client doesn't necessarily understand their own kinks and their own desires. Teasing that out is a skill that BDSM providers tend to excel at."

So, whether you like to be tied up and tortured, or simply have a very particular 'sexy secretary' scene in mind, a kink worker will know how to make it happen for you.

Online services: everything dirty & digital

Lastly, here's a kind of sex work where your provider doesn't meet you in person. Online services became very popular during the pandemic, and they can be a fun and flexible way to get sexy.

"Prior to COVID, we didn't have an online section," Lola says. "But we created that category for providers because a lot of the in-person workers were moving to online spaces so they didn't have to interact with people during COVID." Since then, this category on Tryst has become a popular way for workers to promote a variety of online services, either as a standalone offer or alongside their existing in-person options.

Online providers usually connect with their clients via cam-based sites or fan sites. They might offer access to a subscription site like OnlyFans where they have paid content, or do cam shows and live performances where you're able to interact with them. But there are a lot of other options too, when it comes to online services! "We have people who sell underwear or custom clips, and we also have financial domination, which fits in between BDSM and online work," Lola says.

By including online workers, Tryst has created one of the first worldwide directories for online providers. "This is probably one of the only spaces that allows you to see the full scope of someone's work, including whether they do full service of in-person work. Due to restrictions imposed by payment processors, a lot of platforms have to divide those into strict categories. In reality, a lot of workers do move between different types of sex work, online and offline."

If you're in a location where options to meet escorts and other workers are limited, or you enjoy the thrill of a digital encounter, an online provider might be perfect for you.

How to find your perfect worker with Tryst

If you feel ready to explore escorts, FBSM workers, kink pros or online sex workers, Tryst is a great place to start.

"We started out as listing mostly full-service escorts," Lola says, "But what we're finding is that the other categories are growing.  This is exciting...more and more people are signing on to promote these other ways of working, too!"

You can search for a specific type of service using Tryst's advanced search, or simply read a worker's profile and find out which options they offer. "On a worker's profile, there is a section towards the top...it will give you an idea of whether they offer BDSM, escorting, massage or online work."

Rather than contacting random workers to request the experiences you're hoping for, Lola always recommends specifically searching for someone who offers the services you need.  "If you want to stay in the worker’s good books, then you want to search by service and not ask random people if they do random jobs."

After all, sex work is a skilled job that comes in many flavours...and we're not all interchangeable. By deciding what you want first, then searching for someone who specialises, you're more likely to meet a skilled professional that can deliver on all your desires.