A female sex worker hold the hand of their disabled client.
Both sex workers and their clients can be affected by disability.

Episode 6 | Sex work and disability with Melinah and Tess

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

Thanks to shame, stereotypes and sex-negativity, sex and disability can be a tricky topic. This means that clients are sometimes afraid to ask, and workers sometimes worry they’re going to screw things up. Luckily, adult star Melinah and sex educator Tess Deveze are really good at talking about this stuff, and they’re joining us for a chat about disability and where it fits, when it comes to sex work.

About our guests

Melinah Viking (she/her) calls herself the ‘wheely queen of pleasure’. She’s an award-winning adult film and cam performer, independent escort, and activist. She also runs a podcast, ‘Melinah’s Margarita Sessions’.

More about Melinah:

Tess Devèze (they/them) is a sexuality occupational therapist & facilitator, specialising in cancer & disability. They’ve just published a book called ‘A Better Normal’ about reclaiming intimacy after cancer treatment.

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