A closeup of a sex worker from the waist down, wearing white lingerie.
Escort clients often request these ten common sex work services...

My most common client requests after 10 years of escorting

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

I love working in sex industry because it gives me the chance to learn more about other human beings.

Many of the clients whose company I've enjoyed over the years have harboured intensely secret desires...things they only felt comfortable sharing with me in private.

Of course, different types of workers will receive different kinds of requests.  As an adventurous escort, I tend to attract clients that want new experiences, whether it's a specific scenario or just wanting to see a sex worker for the first time. But there's one thing us professionals have in common: we've heard it all before. No matter how nervous you feel about your fantasies, you're probably not alone. As long as yours desires fall within our skill set and our personal boundaries, we're usually happy to help.

Here are the ten most common requests I receive from potential clients.

Please note: I work in Australia, where sex work is more or less permitted in most states, and it's okay to ask about specific sexual services when arranging a booking. But if you're in a location where sex work is criminalised, you might not be able to request some of these activities up front...you'll need to form a trusting relationship with a worker first, and only talk about sex once they've indicated it's safe to do so.

10.Sexy lingerie

It may seem clichéd, but sexy lingerie is totally a thing. Stockings, suspender belts and lacy 'barely there' g-strings can be thrilling. Aside from the visual elements, there's a lot of sensual delight to be found in silk and lace, as well as the slow stripping off of each item as we get intimate.

Not all sex workers go the 'full lingerie' treatment for every booking, so if this is something you're keen to experience, be sure to ask when you book.

9.Anal adventures

Many people see anal sex as taboo, but it's actually a very common kink. Requests range from basic anal intercourse, to other kinds of butt play, such as rimming or pegging.

Although I don't offer anal play, there are plenty of workers who do - some even specialise! So even if one provider says 'no', it's still worth asking around.

When requesting butt stuff, be specific about what you want and who it's for. Talking about this stuff can feel awkward or embarrassing, and you might be tempted to keep the request vague, that's not a good way to go...asking your worker to fuck you with a strap-on is very different to wanting to put a few fingers in their ass, for example! You need to specify what activities you're interested in, and who the doer/receiver will be, to make sure your needs align with your provider's service offering.

8.'Fly me to you' bookings

A 'fly me to you' (or FMTY for short) is a popular request for sex workers of all varieties. Basically, it's when a client pays for a worker to travel to their town or city specifically to meet up with them.

I love the experience of travelling for work - it's so exciting being in a new place and meeting someone new! A FMTY is a great option for clients who have someone special in mind that doesn't live locally, or who don't have a huge range of escorts in their area.

However, this request comes at a cost. You'll generally pay extra to cover your provider's travel expenses (including flights, hotel bookings and taxi fares) and those costs usually need to be paid up-front.

It can also feel nerve-wracking to commit to such a big event before you've met your worker in person. Why not schedule a chat on the phone or a video session online first? Not all escorts offer those services...but if they do, it's a great way to test the chemistry before you invest in a 'fly me to you' date.

7.Kink play

Kink is another one of those requests that folks often feel ashamed about, even though what they want is very common. 'Kinky' activities are practised by folks from all walks of life, and they can be a fun way to add excitement to your sex life.

A basic definition of kink is 'anything out of the ordinary', but of course that's pretty broad (what counts as 'ordinary' in the bedroom, anyway?) Some folks prefer to use the term BDSM, which is an acronym for bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism. But kink can also include all kinds of other fun activities too, such as pegging, crossdressing, water sports, and roleplay.

Kinky is the 'extreme sports' of sex - you need to pay a lot of attention to negotiation and safety. In my years as a sex worker, I've been asked about kink quite often. Sometimes the request straightforward, such some blindfolded teasing or a short spanking. For anything more complicated than that, I generally refer the client to an experienced BDSM practitioner.

6.Dinner dates

Like 'fly me to you' dates, dinner dates require careful planning. A dinner date is a booking that includes time spent sharing a meal at a restaurant. It's a great way to get to know your worker before becoming intimate, and it can feel very much like a regular date.

As someone who values connection, I value the opportunity to spend time getting to know my client. I often find that, once we do get back to our hotel, we feel much more comfortable with each other.

A dinner date booking tends to be longer than a regular session...but how long depends on you and your worker. Some escorts offer four-hour dates, where two hours are spent dining and two hours are dedicated to playtime. Others might recommend a five-to-eight-hour experience that includes extra activities, such as a trip to the movies. Some escorts offer specific dinner packages, and it's always useful to look at their rates before sending an enquiry, to get an idea of what they prefer.

Want some tips for planning a successful dinner date? Check out my podcast episode with Alice Grey.

5.Roleplay fantasies

Roleplay - enacting a specific scenario that turns you on - technically qualifies as kink, but it's such a common request that I need to include it here too. Bringing your fantasies to life can be a great way to have fun in the bedroom!

I've indulged in a number of roleplays, from the basic 'sexy secretary' situation to more involved stories about sexy neighbours and strict headmistresses. I've dressed up in a lion onesie and pounced on my play partner like an animal. I've even taken on the role of a human who was kidnapped by aliens (that was a fun play session!) Sometimes the 'scene' involves costumes and props, or sometimes it's just about taking on a slightly different character. It's a chance to be imaginative and try something new.

This kind of request isn't for everyone. Your worker's participation may depend on what the scenario involves and whether it requires expensive costumes or equipment. And, of course, some workers just feel uncomfortable pretending to be anyone but themselves, and that's fine too.

If what you want involves power exchange (someone will be giving orders), bondage (you'd like to be tied up or restrained in some way), or a high degree of complexity (you have a specific script you want to follow) then I recommend working with a specialised kink provider.

4.Erotic massage

Perhaps you're the kind of person who likes to take things slow. A teasing touch, or a slow sensual massage, may be exactly what turns you on. In this case, erotic massage could be the answer.

There are many ways to experience erotic massage - an oil body rub, a bodyslide, a nuru session or an experience with a tantra practitioner. Some workers specialise in these kinds of touch, even to the point of having additional massage or bodywork training. But even if you're spending time with an escort that doesn't have those qualifications, starting things off with a massage - or even swapping massages - can be an effective way to get connected with your lover.

Here's a bit of a secret: I used to work at an erotic massage venue, and I love giving and receiving sensual touch. Clients that enjoy massages are one of my favourite kinds of customers.

3.Couples' sessions

These days, many couples are keen to try threesomes, and sex workers can be a great way to do so. Rather than messing around with online dating (or, god forbid, asking friends for a 'favour'), a sex worker can guide you into your first ménage-a-trois experience with ease.

I love seeing couples, and I specialise in first-timers, so you won't be surprised to hear that I've done a lot of couples' bookings. I generally start out by speaking with both partners on the phone to establish their 'dos' and 'don'ts'. After that, we schedule an unrushed play session where they have time to get comfortable and experiment.

A couples booking only works if everyone is equally enthusiastic. So, before you send that email, you do need to be 100% sure your partner is also keen on the idea. Pressuring them into fulfilling this fantasy - or rushing to organise something without including them equally - can lead to a very awkward encounter.

But when we're all on the same page, a couples' date can be a magical experience. I feel very privileged to have helped open up so many gorgeous relationships.

2.Lesbian doubles

If you don't have a partner handy, there's still a way to experience the delights of a threesome...and that's by arranging a 'doubles' booking.

A 'straight double' is when you book two workers to play with, but who won't necessarily play together. A 'lesbian double' on the other hand, involves two female-presenting workers who interact. Since I'm bisexual, I'm often asked to arrange three-ways for my clients...and I'm only too happy to oblige.

When it comes to doubles, planning and good communication are essential. Simply booking two escorts and getting them into a room with you is a recipe for disaster - it's going to be very awkward, and you might be refused service. The best way to plan this kind of encounter is to approach a  worker you trust and ask them to recommend a 'doubles partner'.

1.Passionate kissing

Did you see this one coming? It's probably no surprise that my number-one client request is for kissing.

A good make-out session is the perfect foreplay: slow, sensual and an excellent way to connect with a new playmate. Finding out how someone likes to be touched, and whether they like to go fast or slow, or be gentle or passionate, can all happen during that first kiss.

Kissing is something a lot of escorts offer - but it's best not to assume. If you love passionate kissing (and who doesn't?) you may be able to enquire about it when you book, if you're in a location where it's safe to talk about sex before meeting.

When you're together, a sexy 'Can  I kiss you?' request is always appreciated, and it's a great way to get the fun started. Consider using some mouthwash or a breath mint right beforehand for  extra enthusiasm from your worker.