Member update, May 2022: Why I recommend independent sex workers

Member update, May 2022: Why I recommend independent sex workers

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

This month's blogs and podcast episodes are all about variety.

I've interviewed Lola from advertising site Tryst about the many flavours of services you'll find on the website. I've also recorded a podcast with the lovely Tash Murphy where we discuss varities of hands-on sex work, and why different kinds of workers suit different clients.

Let's be clear: I think all kinds of sex work are valid. It's good to explore your options - if you don't, you might miss out!

But you’ve probably also noticed that I talk about hands-on, independent workers a lot. I'd like to explain why. Although different types of sex work suit different clients, I still think independent workers offer a number of advantages that make them the first choice to consider, if you're new to all of this.

Watch this month's video to find out why.

What does ‘independent worker’ actually mean?

What is an independent sex worker? Basically it means anyone who works for themselves. setting their own rates and choosing their own clients, and of course keeping all the money they earn, rather than having to split it with a brothel owner or agency owner.

Common types of hands-on, independent workers include escorts, erotic massage practitioners, and kink professionals.

Advantages to seeing an independent worker

  • We offer an individual service - everyone’s different, right? That applies to both workers and their clients. We all have different personalities, different boundaries and different things we enjoy.
  • An independent worker is much more likely to specialise in the stuff they want, rather than having to conform to someone else’s business model. This means you’re able to find someone who loves what they do and is enthusiastic, especially for niche areas such as kink.
  • Plenty of online presence - you can do your research about the person beforehand and get an idea of their personality, services and style.
  • A range of price points - We all set our prices differently, and offer different packages. you can find someone that suits your budget.
  • You deal directly with the person - when booking etc, this means you can get a feel for whether they’re right for you, judge their professionalism, etc.

What about disadvantages?

It wouldn't be fair to talk about the advantages of independent workers without also talking disadvantages, so here they are.

  • You need to have decent planning and communication skills. You won’t have a receptionist or manager to help you through the experience, and an independent may turn you down if you’re not sure of the etiquette.
  • It can be more expensive than a brothel or agency - but not always. It’s worth shopping around!
  • You might not be able to arrange a short-notice date - many independents schedule their dates days, months, or weeks in advance. This isn’t a rule though - some people take last minute sessions, and some travelling workers advertise themselves as ‘available now’ check their ads for more information though, never assume they’re available immediately.

I hope this has helped explain my view, and inform your choices.

At the end of the day, it’s all about knowing the facts and knowing what’s right for you. Then you take this information, and decide what kind of worker is best for you.

If you’re considering seeing a sex worker for the first time, an independent, hands-on worker - whether an escort, kink or massage professional - can be a great option.