A curvy female escort wearing a teal swimming costume sits by a pool.
Being a BBW sex worker can be a struggle, thanks to fatphobia.

Episode 9 | Fatphobia and fetishism with Jessie Sage

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my time in the sex industry, it’s that sexual attraction is diverse and sex workers come in all shapes and sizes! Unfortunately, society’s ‘fear of fat’ can cause stress, shame, and awkwardness for workers and clients alike. Jessie Sage joins us again in this episode to unpack fatphobia and to stand up for you, if you’re a fan of ‘fat’ too.

About our Guest

Jessie Sage is a Pittsburgh-based sex worker and writer. She co-hosts podcasts On the Whorizon and Peepshow Podcast. Her writing can be found in the Washington Post, VICE, the Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, and more...and she’s currently writing a book!

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