An illustration of United States escort Jessie Sage.
When you contact a sex worker, get it right the first time! Jessie Sage shows us how.

Episode 7 | First contact etiquette with Jessie Sage

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

For a lot of folks, taking that first step to request a session with a sex worker is a REALLY big deal. And although sex work is just another type of work, there’s definitely some stuff you need to know, if you don’t want to be turned away.  So this episode I’m teaming up with sex worker and writer Jessie Sage to cover all the basic etiquette you need when you send that first email or text message.

About our guest

Jessie Sage is a sex worker and writer based in Pittsburgh, USA. She’s the co-founder of Peepshow Magazine and the co-host of the Peepshow Podcast. She’s also a writer for escort ad site Tryst.

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