A male sex work client with his eyes closed holds lights near his face.
Are you yearning to go on a journey of sexual discovery?

Episode 5 | Your sexual self-discovery journey, with Artemisia

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

We often think of getting laid as trivial and recreational…but for many, it’s a profound experience. This episode, I’m speaking with Artemisia de Vine, an erotic psyche specialist who teaches people the art of purposeful playdates. We’re going to  unpack some of the ways the services of sex workers can help you learn, grow, and live a fulfilling life.

About our guest

Artemisia de Vine is an erotic psyche specialist with over two decades of experience delving into the art and psychology of sexuality. A retured escort and pro domme, her focus is the psychology behind what turns us on, how to play with it on purpose, and where it can lead us when we do. She now runs The deVinery, an online place for you to explore the erotic as a lens for self discovery.

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