A female escort wearing high heels and fishnet stockings embraces her client.
Escort, erotic massage, FBSM, brothel work...what kind of sex worker suits you best?

Episode 14 | What kind of sex worker is right for you?

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

Here are The Satisfaction Project, we love and recommend independent workers…

...but we also believe that different types of services suit different clients. If you’re considering exploring sex and intimacy with a pro, it’s worth looking at all the options. So today, escort Tash Murphy is joining me again, for an in-depth exploration of hands-on sex work in all its glorious forms.

If you've ever wondered whether you'd be more at home in a brothel or a hotel room...if you're not sure whether to call an agency or strike up a conversation with a street-based worker...this is the episode for you.

(It's only the first instalment in the series, so stay tuned for further episodes! After all, there are many kinds of sex work out there...)

Disclaimer: Although we talk about several different kinds of hands-on work, we haven't personally worked in all these roles. So please also seek out (and prioritise) the advice and experience of those workers who do have lived experience.

About our guest:

Tash Murphy (she/her) is an adult industry professional based in Melbourne. She has a background in adult retail, community health and advocacy, and currently works as an independent escort.