A female escort's incall or brothel room, wth a pink bedside lamp.
Let's take a tour through a typical brothel, with Sam from Smutbuttons!

Episode 10 | Brothel etiquette with Sam from Smutbuttons

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

I know we usually talk about independent sex professionals, but today we’re going to bend the rules a little and talk about brothels.

Let’s face it, brothels are a thing in many parts of the world, and they can be a good way to experiment with seeing hands-on sex workers if you’re not quite ready for the full independent experience! If you’ve wondered what it’s like to visit a brothel, or what the etiquette is, wonder no more…Sam from Smutbuttons is here to demystify the experience.

About our guest

Sam is a writer, sex worker and sex educator from Melbourne Australia, and the expert behind Smutbuttons, a blog dedicated to sex, relationship and mental health know-how. She’s a cheerful expert in all things sex - from orgasm techniques to family planning. She’s also worked as a brothel receptionist.

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