A photo of Jenna Love, co-host of the Somebody You Love Podcast.
Let's bust some classic sex work myths with Jenna!

Episode 1 | Busting sex work myths with Jenna Love

Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf

When it comes to sex work, there are plenty of misconceptions. One thing I’ve learned from the industry is that the more you know what it’s really like, the more outrageous these stereotypes are. To make sure you know what’s what, I’m calling on Jenna Love - Aussie escort, activist, and educator - to help sort the fact from the fiction.

About our guest

Jenna Love is a full-service sex worker, content creator, activist and educator based in New South Wales, Australia. In her latest project, the Somebody You Love podcast, she teams up with Holly Harte for frank discussions about sex work and sex worker rights.

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