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The Satisfaction Project helps sex work clients make the most of every encounter with sex workers. We share the skills and knowledge required for top-notch sessions with escorts and other hands-on providers. Read on to find out how to access everything we have to offer.

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How to use the site

Log in/out

For your privacy, we don't use passwords. Instead, a login link is emailed to you. To log in to the site:

1. Click the 'sign in' button in the top menu bar. You'll be prompted to enter your email address.

2. A sign-in link will be sent to your email inbox. Click the link in the email and you'll be signed in to the website.

To log out when you're done viewing the site, click the 'sign out' button in the top menu bar.

Having trouble logging in? Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser settings, and hit 'refresh' for the page you're viewing. If you need a hand, email support@satisfactionproject.com.

Access your premium content

Your premium content is available from the homepage of our site, once you're logged in.

  • Online courses - Our online courses offer short video lessons that give you expert knowledge and skills for seeing sex workers. If you're a beginner, watch 'Getting Started with Escorts'. If you're more experienced, you may wish to skip straight to 'Your Peak Experience with Escorts' (but we recommend watching both, to make sure you don't miss any essential information.)
  • Member updates - As a Premium Access member, you can also watch the member-only updates in the News section. Our founder Georgie posts regularly to keep you up-to-date about the site and share her thoughts on escorting, sex work, and how to be a great client.

Update your email address

From time to time, you may need to update the email address you use to log in to the site. To change your email address, please contact our support team.

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Other fun stuff

We encourage you to make the most of the site by checking out the other useful resources we have to offer.

  • Join our secret Twitter feed. If you have a Twitter account, you can request to follow our member-only Twitter feed (@SProjectMembers). Once you've requested to follow, please send a direct message to the account with your email address, so we can confirm you're a site member.
  • Ask a question about sex workers. Stuck with a problem or tricky situation? We can't offer one-on-one advice, but you're welcome to send an anonymous question for Georgie to answer. (The response will be posted on the website for everyone to read, so make sure you don't include identifying details.)
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Protecting your privacy

At the Satisfaction Project, we understand that sex work is a stigmatized profession. Sex workers and their clients are often shamed and discriminated against. As you access the information you need, we also strive to protect your privacy.

How we do it

Our website only stores one piece of information about you - your email address. We don't collect names or addresses.

Your billing information is managed and stored separately by a reputable payment processing service. Our discreet company name, ‘Wolf Horizon Pty Ltd’, will appear on your email receipt and credit card statement.

How you can help

For your privacy, we strongly recommend using an anonymous email account to access this site. Services such as Protonmail allow you to create a secure email address that isn't directly linked to your identity.

To update the email address for your account, please contact our support team.

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How to get help

Need a hand with your account? Concerned about privacy or billing? Here's what to do.

  • Read the FAQ. We have a Frequently-Asked Questions page with more information about the site, and it's well worth reading before you reach out for help.
  • Contact support@satisfactionproject.com. Our support team is only an email away! If you write to us for assistance, we can usually get back to you within 24 hours.

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