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Learn proven strategies for outstanding escort experiences.

Unlock your 'peak experience' with the online course - a series of video lessons that give you the skills and strategies to genuinely connect with your date, have incredible sex, and walk away with your head held high.

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I'll show you how to...

  • Find the right escort – someone you can trust.
  • Feel confident, ask for what you want, and have great sex.
  • Handle tricky feelings like anxiety and emotional attachment.
  • Have crazy sexual adventures – threesomes, kink, and more!

Who is Georgie Wolf?

Georgie Wolf has been an escort in Australia for more than a decade. She's passionate about the benefits of great sex...and she's helped her clients to have life-changing experiences with sex workers.

What's in the course?

Lesson 1 | An Introduction
Welcome to the course! I’ll introduce myself and show you how to get started.
Lesson 2 | What do you really need?
Before we start searching for your perfect escort, you’ll need to discover your true desires. Let’s go deeper, so that you can plan a fulfilling escort session.
Lesson 3 | Find your perfect match
Find an escort who’s exactly right for you, with this step-by-step research process.
Lesson 4 | Reach out and connect
Ready to arrange a booking? I’ll show you how to build all-important connection, from the very first contact.
Lesson 5 | How to have a genuine experience
Your attitude about sex (and sex work) can mess with your head and cause anxiety. Here’s how to get your head straight, for genuine enjoyment.
Lesson 6 | The secrets of great sex
Discover the straightforward skills for great sex that I’ve learned as an escort.
Lesson 7 | Dealing with feelings
Feelings are fun, but they can cause drama. This lesson shows you how to manage your emotions after an escort session.
Lesson 8 | Advanced escort adventures
Trying new things can feel pretty scary. Here’s how to start making your fantasies come true, with confidence.
Lesson 9 | Putting it all together
In this very last lesson I’ll sum up what you’ve learned, share some final thoughts, and give you tips for putting it all together.

What clients have to say...

"I wish I knew this stuff when I was starting out! Georgie covers a lot of material...some tricks you may not have thought of..." – Sam, 45, Melbourne
"I've been seeing escorts for years. But this is a new way of thinking about it - practical ideas I can use straight away." – Will, 63, Brisbane

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