Stop wasting time and money - use these proven strategies for life-changing encounters with sex workers.

It's time to unlock your 'peak experience'!  My video lessons give you practical skills and strategies that will help you genuinely connect with your worker, have incredible sex, and walk away feeling great.

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I'll show you how to...

  • Find the right sex professional – someone you can trust.
  • Feel confident, ask for what you want, and have great sex.
  • Handle tricky feelings like anxiety and emotional attachment.
  • Have crazy sexual adventures – threesomes, kink, and more!

Who is Georgie Wolf?

Hi, I'm Georgie! I've worked as an escort in Australia for more than a decade. I'm passionate about the benefits of great sex...and I've helped my clients to have life-changing experiences with sex workers.

What's included?

  • How to work out what kind of experience you need
  • How to search online and find the right sex professional
  • What to say in your first email or text to ensure your worker looks forward to meeting you
  • How to deal with shame, guilt and insecurity
  • Secrets to making the most of your sexual experience
  • How to have crazy, kinky sexual adventures without anxiety

What clients have to say...

"I wish I knew this stuff when I was starting out! Georgie covers a lot of material...some tricks you may not have thought of..." – Sam, 45, Melbourne
"I've been seeing escorts for years. But this is a new way of thinking about it - practical ideas I can use straight away." – Will, 63, Brisbane
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